In all adventures the journey has a goal – a prize – making the journey worth wile. In fly fishing the goal is the catch – the fish, the take, the hook up, the fight and the joy of looking into the eyes of a beautiful creature letting us glimpse secret and yet untold adventures, toil and turmoil – the glimpse of a true traveler who has been places and seen things that we can only dream about. We got it – the catch and our prize, but in that moment, we realize something else, something more…

Everything leading up to that moment is the true journey – we find that the fish is only a small part of the experience – in fact we are caught by the moment, by the river, by the rolling waves, by the sound of the birds, by the breeze on our cheek, by the untold stories and secrets of the water, and we feel truly privileged and humbled by the fact that we can connect with ourselves and nature in such an intense way. We flyfish not only for the catch, but to be caught ourselves.

We have created CATCH FLY FISHING PARTNERS on this very philosophy, simply because it makes sense to bind yourself to the journey in whatever form it might take. We believe that you search for the same things when you take your fly rod for a trip, whether it is to the local stream, creek, river, coastline or those distant, foreign shores of dream destinations around the world: You look for that special moment when you drift away, extremely present in that moment of true passion – you too are bound on the same journey.

CATCH Fly Fishing Partners – a B2B channel where we focus on bringing some of the best brands to fly fishing shops all around Europe. We aim for reliable service, fairness and motivated marketing.

Mads Pedersen

Hanna Vestergaard

Welcome the fly fishing world of CATCH – let’s get caught!